Proficiency FAQs


What is the difference between proficiency & placement?


Proficiency is the equivalet of having passed the course to satisfy requirements for general education and/or degree requirements;

Placement is saying that you are qualified to place into the next math course and does not satisfy any degree requirements unless specifically stated in the placement letter.

What can I do to proficiency a math class?

Math 101, Math 102, Math 103, and Math 451: Proficiency evaluation for each of these courses has two components, a packet and a written exam. The packet must be completed within two weeks of receipt. Upon successful completion of the packet, you will have two weeks to take the written exam. In order to pass the proficiency evaluation, each of these components must receive a grade of at least 70%.

Math 451, Math 459, Math 483 and Math 485: Credit for these courses may not be obtained through proficiency.

All remaining math courses numbered 114 and above: Proficiency is demonstrated by taking a written exam and scoring at least 70%.

Who is eligible for proficiency evaluation?

In order to attempt to proficiency any mathematics course, you must have placed into the course or met all the course prerequisites.

You may not attempt to proficiency any mathematics course that you have taken at Edgewood College.

Proficiency for any mathematics course may not be attempted more than twice; and you must wait at least one full year between attempts.

Whom do I contact to try to proficiency out of a math course?

Math 101: Contact Steven Post.

Math 102, Math 103, or Math 451: Contact Karen Thomas.

All other math classes: Contact the department chair.

When can I take a math proficiency exam?

Math 101, Math102, Math 103, and Math 451: The packet requirements can be emailed or handed to you right away, but you will have only two weeks from the receipt of the requirements to complete the packet, so please indicate when you think you'll be ready to receive the assignments. The written portion of the proficiency evaluation must be taken within two weeks of successful completion of the packet.

All other eligible math courses: The department chair will set up a mutually agreeable time. Usually this takes two to four weeks from the initial inquiry.

How much does taking a math proficiency exam cost?

All math proficiency exams cost $50 for students who have taken at least 15 credit hours at Edgewood. This fee is nonrefundable but may be applied toward the cost of credits, if the student passes the exam. Please make a check out to "Edgewood College Mathematics Department" to be given to the proctor of the written proficiency exam.

If I don't pass a math proficiency exam, how soon can I try again?

Proficiency evaluation for any given math course may be attempted at most twice; and at least one year must pass between attempts.

Note: Starting but not completing the proficiency process for Math 101, Math 102, Math 103, or Math 451 will count as a failed attempt.

Do I get a chance to see how I did on a proficiency exam?

Yes, the contact person for the course you took the proficiency exam keeps all proficiency exams for that course on file, and you can set up an appointment to go over your exam with them. If you took the Math 111 proficiency exam, contact the department chair to set up an appointment.

What do I need to do if I pass the proficiency exam?

There is a proficiency form that you and the department chair need to sign and have turned into the Registrar's Office. You need to decide whether or not you want to purchase the credits on that form. If you do decide to, you also need to have the Business Office verify that payment was made before turning in the form.

Do I have to buy the credits when I pass a math proficiency exam?

No, the only reason to buy the credits would be to help you earn the 120 credits needed to graduate. The Mathematics Department would prefer that you take another course in an area of your interest in order to contribute to your overall education broadening your exposure to the liberal arts and/or better preparing yourself for your chosen career.