Edgewood Resource FAQs

What resources does Edgewood offer mathematics students?


All tenure-track faculty in mathematics advise individual mathematics and mathematics teaching majors and minors.

When you decide to change your major to mathematic or mathematics teaching, you should fill out a change of advisor form. After you have been assigned an advisor, you will meet to discuss your plans and fill out a declaration of major.


Academic Success and Career Development Center

The Academic Success and Career Development Center assists students in exploring and deciding upon college majors and careers through individual career counseling, workshops and class presentations. Assistance is given in locating internships, part-time, summer, and full-time employment upon graduation. Numerous resources about careers, employers, and graduate schools are available for student use. Keep in mind, it is never too early to start looking for next summer's employment, internships, or for a job upon graduation.

Various Guides Specifically for Mathematics

The following pamphlets contain useful information about careers for math majors. Copies are available for inspection in R13, Regina Hall.

  • Mathematical Scientists at Work; $3.00. These are essays about people working as mathematicians in a variety of jobs. Careers in the Mathematical Sciences and More Careers in the Mathematical Sciences contain shorter essays and a list of sources of additional information; 25 cents each. The Mathematical Association of America, 1529 Eighteenth St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20036.
  • Seeking Employment in the Mathematical Sciences; $5.00. American Mathematical Society, P.O. Box 1571, Annex Station, Providence, R.I. 02901.
  • Careers in Applied Mathematics; free. Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 3600 University City Science Center, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

There are also various websites which provide information about careers in mathematics:MAA, AMS, AWM , SIAM , NCTM.


Computing Facilities

Edgewood College provides access to several symbolic computing packages of interest to students of mathematics, including Mathematica and Geogebra.


Library Collection

The Edgewood College Library mathematics collection is growing at a rapid pace. The books are classified as follows in the Library of Congress system:

  • QA 9–QA 10 Mathematical logic
  • QA 76 Computer science; electronic data processing
  • QA 101–QA 141 Elementary mathematics; arithmetic
  • QA 142–QA 271 Algebra, including machine theory, game theory, number theory
  • QA 273–QA 274 Probability
  • QA 276–QA 280 Mathematical statistics
  • QA 297–QA 299 Numerical analysis
  • QA 299.8–QA 433 Analysis
  • QA 440–QA 599 Geometry
  • QA 611–QA 614 Topology
  • QA 801–QA 939 Analytical Mechanics

Resources at UW-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has an impressive mathematics collection in the Mathematics Library which can be found on the B2 level of Van Vleck Hall, the mathematics building which is on Bascom Hill, next to Bascom Hall.

Edgewood students interested in checking out books or journals from the Van Vleck library can get a UW Library Card by filling out an online form.



What do Edgewood math majors really do?

At this point, most of the majors graduating from this department with a degree in mathematics have been mathematics teaching majors. Therefore, a large percentage of the majors went on directly into teaching either at the middle or secondary level in and around the State of Wisconsin.

Recent mathematics majors and minors have found employment in both business and research and development firms in Madison and the surrounding communities.