Mathematics Teaching for Elementary/Middle School minor

The minor, together with a licensing major in Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence, is part of a program leading to a Wisconsin initial educator license to teach mathematics at the level corresponding to the major.

*** Information about degree requirements and courses is provided here for unofficial reference only and should NOT be used as a replacement for advising.

It is imperative that you refer to the official Edgewood College course catalog and consult with your advisor to ensure you are meeting your degree requirements.

Degree Requirements

Seventeen credits in mathematics (beyond those required for the education major), including:

1. A major in Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence Education.

2. Required Courses:

  • MATH 101MIntroduction to Problem Solving
  • MATH 102NArithmetic Structures
  • MATH 103   Geometric Structures
  • MATH 121MStatistics
  • ED 428 Elementary/Middle Mathematics Methods
  • MATH 451 Explorations in Middle/Secondary School Mathematics

3. At least one of the following courses:

4. At least one of the following courses, in consultation with minor advisor:

5. A minimum GPA of 2.5 in the above courses.
6. Completion of the Education professional requirements and licensure requirements for teacher education (see the Education section of the course catalogue). Admission to teacher education is recommended as early as possible.

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